Segmented Coil
Picture of Segmented Coil metal detector

The metal detector is constructed as a multiple-segment sensor with the width of each segment or detection zone dictated by the customer's individual needs. This makes it possible to assign detected metal to a definite area or 'zone' across the product width. Due to extremely high sensitivities of the individual segments, metal will be detected across the entire width of the segment. Typically, a 0.012 - 0.024 in. (0.3 - 0.6 mm) metal ball can be detected depending on distance from the sensing face.

The maintenance free design and high quality construction produces reliable operation in the most challenging of industrial environments. The system is intuitive showing only the information that is really required. The characteristics of 120 different products can be stored within the system, and with Auto Calibration, teaching the system to recognize a new product is a simple procedure.


Picture of typical Segmented Coil detector application
Picture of Segmented Coil
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Typically, the METAL SHARK™ Segmented Coil is used for inspection of product where it is imperative to know the location of the metal with a high degree of accuracy across the product width.





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