AUTO BALANCE - The electronics adapt automatically and perpetually to the current environmental and operating conditions. Such things as micro-component aging and temperature influences have an effect on analogue systems. The Tectronix system compensates for these things automatically.

AUTO INTERFACE SUPPRESSION - 'Noise Suppression' as it is commonly called. The electronics have a multi-function-filter system that combines a highly selective digital filter and a dynamically operating threshold filter. This combination achieves outstanding sensitivity characteristics even in unusually rough environments … problem free and with superior reliability. Outside interferences such as Variable Frequency Drives and two way radios are easily filtered avoiding false or nuisance trips.

SELF DIAGNOSING - The fully automatic system self diagnoses continuously and reports any malfunction.


  • Unsurpassed sensitivity.

  • Link to processing software or PLC - the
    system can electronically signature the
    location of metal in the product - sending the
    information to the process software and/or PLC.

  • High-speed Digital Micro Processor - single board design - temperature control - solid state power supply.
  • Dye Marking System - Accurately marks
    contaminated area.
  • Modem Link Equipped - for remote connection
    by a Tectronix service technician.
  • Network capable -
    Allows connection to all Tectronix Systems
    metal detectors from a
    central mill location.
  • High-speed digital
    micro-processor -

    Utilizes a two channel signal
    comparator with capabilities
    to inspect material conveying
    at up to 100 feet/second (30 m/second).

  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing) - produces faster filter calculation resulting in better and reliable noise filtering without false trips.

  • Four-Channel Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) used in the SHARK produces four phase signals each with a separate DDS chip. This assures 100% drift free and automatic product effect compensation
  • Autosetup / Learn
    routine -
    System learns
    and memorizes the product
    and compensates for any
    product anomalies.
  • Dynamic auto tracking -
    Guarantees maximum
    sensitivity during operation.
  • Multi Filter system -
    Digital filters ensure optimum
    harsh environments.
  • Narrow detection
    zone -
    Provides an accurate
    location of metal in the detection field.
  • Wash down safe touch pad controls
  • Touch Pad Controls provide easy to
    use menu driven commands.
    Multi-level password protection with
    interchangeable code numbers.
  • Cold temperature package included.
  • Information storage
    memory back-up
    Prevents loss
    of stored information during power

  • The Shark can store the characteristics of up to 120-different products for instant recall
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